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Important News:  Suzette Tagg is moving to Oxfordshire  The last online Yoga and Pilates Class in the Berkshire area will be 3rd July 2021.  
Check back here for regular updates. 
Hi there! 

You've made it this far to my website, so take a moment to congratulate yourself for taking a step closer towards a stronger, more flexible and resilient you! 

I'm Suzette Tagg and I help people improve the quality of their lives, through Pilates and Yoga. Whether it's improving general wellbeing and performance, or gaining relief from chronic pain, stress or immobility.  I do this by teaching the principles of the Pilates method and authentic Hatha Yoga in such a way that helps people to connect, develop and transform their body, mind and spirit. I help them to acquire the skills and techniques needed to achieve their personal wellness and fitness goals.

What I love about Pilates and Yoga, is that it offers a holistic approach to exercise, that considers the person as a whole. Our body, mind and spirit do not work in isolation. They are a union that works together as a team. What impacts our physical body, also impacts our mind and spirit and vice versa


Join me on a journey of self-discovery, that will help you to learn more about yourself and that will empower you to achieve a healthy and balanced mind, body and spirit. My Pilates and Yoga classes are aimed at beginners. Whether this is your first time or you have been practicing for a while, under qualified instruction and guidance, my classes will challenge and uplift you!

Let's begin...

Suzette xx

Contact Suzette Tagg


t: 07742 822711

Beginners Classes take place in Charvil on Saturdays

Click here for class information

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"I really enjoyed the class...everyone was so welcoming and I am definitely coming again as I felt the benefit straight away."

Helen Payne, Twyford

"Great beginners class, Suzette spoke clearly and explained everything we did well, thoroughly enjoyable!"

Pamela Lewin, Sonning

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