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You've made it this far to my website, so take a moment to congratulate yourself for taking a step closer towards a stronger, more flexible and resilient you! 

I'm Suzette Tagg and I help people improve the quality of their lives, through Pilates and Yoga. Whether it's improving general wellbeing and performance, or gaining relief from chronic pain, stress or immobility.  I do this by teaching the principles of the Pilates method and authentic Hatha Yoga in such a way that helps people to connect, develop and transform their body, mind and spirit. I help them to acquire the skills and techniques needed to achieve their personal wellness and fitness goals.

What I love about Pilates and Yoga, is that it offers a holistic approach to exercise, that considers the person as a whole. Our body, mind and spirit do not work in isolation. They are a union that works together as a team. What impacts our physical body, also impacts our mind and spirit and vice versa


Join me on a journey of self-discovery, that will help you to learn more about yourself and that will empower you to achieve a healthy and balanced mind, body and spirit. My Pilates and Yoga classes are aimed at beginners. Whether this is your first time or you have been practicing for a while, under qualified instruction and guidance, my classes will challenge and uplift you!

Let's begin...

Suzette xx

Contact Suzette Tagg

e: contact@bendystretchy.com

t: 07742 822711

Beginners Classes take place in Charvil on Saturdays

Click here for class information

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"I really enjoyed the class...everyone was so welcoming and I am definitely coming again as I felt the benefit straight away."

Helen Payne, Twyford

"Great beginners class, Suzette spoke clearly and explained everything we did well, thoroughly enjoyable!"

Pamela Lewin, Sonning

Class Locations

SATURDAYS (Yoga & Pilates):

Charvil Piggott Primary School

Park Lane


RG10 9TR

Next Pilates Retreat

Limited Spaces - Book Now
7-9 August 2020 | 2 Nights | Champneys


e: contact@bendystretchy.com

t: 07742 822711

Fully Insured and REP's Certified

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