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About Suzette Tagg

Suzette is a qualified and experienced Pilates and Yoga Teacher and a Certified Professional Wellness Coach, with the IAWP (International Association of Wellness Professionals). She is also an IAWP Ambassador and Co-Host on the IAWP Channel.


She is the Co-Founder of Libratum Life, providers of Corporate Wellness Solutions that help businesses build happy, healthy, high-performing teams.  She also runs a private wellness coaching practice - LibratumLifeCoach


Suzette is a Registered Exercise Professional (REPs), and certified in Sports Injury & Emergency First Aid. 

Style and Approach


Suzette values authenticity and her approach to Pilates focuses on adhering to the core principles of the original Joseph Pilates method.  Suzette teaches participants how to fine tune each movement and exercise, with focused concentration,  alignment, flow, control and precision to maximise results.  


Suzette's approach to Yoga honours the ancient Hatha Yoga philosophies and methods to discipline and cleanse mind, body and spirit to achieve a happy, balanced and meaningful life.


Yoga Bells

"Your openness and enthusiasm is infectious and has inspired us to take on additional classes"

Chris Jefferies, Woodley

Contact Us


Suzette Tagg

T: +44 (0) 7742 822711



Please call or email to check availability.


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