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Pilates & Yoga Clothing and Equipment



YogaAddict Pilates / Yoga Socks

Full toe non-slip socks which can be used for both Pilates and Yoga.

Provides good grip when exercising both on and off the mat. Great for avoiding cold feet in winter!

Yogamatters Sticky Yoga Mat
For guidance on which mat to choose, see our Blog

This exercise mat comes from Yogamatters and can be used for both Pilates and Yoga. If you suffer with back, hip or knee problems, you may prefer a slightly thicker mat (10mm). Amazon offer a range of mats to choose from at different price levels and quality.

Yogamatters Wide
Pilates / Yoga Belt

Great for flexibility practice, the Yoga belt is designed to help you achieve poses that may extend beyond your reach. They are extremely useful for beginners and advanced users alike and help to maintain the correct alignment when stretching.

Coresteady Resistance Band

Resistance bands can be used for strength and core training, particularly when you want to strengthen isolated muscle groups or challenge yourself gradually with progression exercises.

Yogamatters Pilates / Yoga Block

An Pilates/Yoga block can be used as a support aid for additional stability and comfort during exercise practice. It can help with balance control and postural alignment. 

Resistance Pilates / Yoga Ball

Pilates Ball is great for strengthening your abdominal muscles and lower back muscles, which help to maintain the core stability in your body. They can also be used to challenge balance and engage the stabilizer muscles. 

Yogamatters Yoga Brick
High-density EVA Foam

For assistance with Yoga Asanas:

22cm x 11cm x 7cm; 0.3kg
Made from high-density EVA Foam to provide excellent stability
Rounded edges to provide additional comfort and an easier hand grip
Certified by REACH, RoHS
Popular choice for yoga studios, home practice, or travel

PhysioRoom Resistance Ring - Double Handle

Resistance rings are an 'easy-to-use' tool that challanges your Pilates workout to further strengthen and tone muscles.


The ring can be placed between the hands or the legs and compressed to strengthen the upper body (chest and arm muscles) or lower body (inner thighs).

Yoga and Pilates Knee Pad
Support for knees, wrists and elbows

For use with Pilates and Yoga


Extra support for bearing weight across joints.
Lightweight and portable.
Works well with use with yoga mat

PhysioWorld Foam Roller
Great for muscle massage, pain relief and Pilates

Recommended to ease muscular pains and reduce tension – great to aid recovery from an injury
Used to improve core stability, flexibility and range of motion. 
Foam rollers are great for easing muscular pain and can be used in a wide range of stretching techniques as well as self-massage.

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