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Yoga For Beginners

BendyStretchy Hatha Yoga classes are designed for beginners. Whether you have practised Yoga or not, Suzette will guide you step by step through your practice, enabling you to benefit from a strong and balanced mind, body and spirit.


What is Yoga


Yoga means to unite. Yoga is both the goal and the pathway to connecting with our true self. Practising yoga helps us to discipline the mind, so that we can heal and cleanse the body.


During classes, we use Asanas (physical exercises) to develop the mind and body, as well as strengthen, stretch and tone the muscles and ligaments. We practise controlling the breath to harness prana (energy) to achieve a calm and focused mind. Through regular practice, we learn to surrender to the pose, to be present and to let go of anxiety and worries to achieve a more positive outlook.


Yoga is non-competitive. Practice can sometimes be challenging, but students are encouraged to maintain a relaxed approach and enjoy the process of exploring the poses with a calm and non-judgmental mind-set.


There are many benefits to Yoga practice because it provides a natural release from stress and a holistic approach to achieving harmony across mind, body and soul. Here are just some of the benefits that Yoga provides:

  • Spinal Flexibility

  • Heightened Balance and Co-ordination

  • Greater Postural Alignment

  • Release from Nervous Tension

  • Improved Metabolism

  • Increased Heart and Lung Capacity

  • Strengthened Immune System

  • Better Concentration

  • Lengthened Muscles

Yoga Classes

Weekly Yoga classes, Saturday mornings at Charvil Piggott Primary School.

For more information about classes, click here.

Contact us to check availability and then complete the Class Booking Form, which includes payment options and bring it along to your next class

Yoga Bells



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