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Should my Husband do Pilates?

Pilates was originally designed by a man, Joseph Pilates, for men in the military and the Police Service. Pilates was a former boxer, who suffered numerous illnesses as a child, which later inspired him to build his physical strength and help others to achieve the same. He dedicated his life to the study of exercise and movement to devise the Pilates method.


When it comes to strength, Pilates can enhance muscle performance in sport or leisure activities. In fact, many athletes and sports professionals integrate Pilates into their workout routines as an essential component of body conditioning. Whether its golf, cycling, football, squash or simply working out at the gym, the Pilates method of conscious and controlled movements can help to accelerate muscle activation and build strength, particularly in muscles that are typically under-utilised.

Pilates focuses on building and maintaining core stability, providing a strong foundation for movement of the upper and lower limbs, whilst protecting the spine and joints. Exercises are performed with precision and control, demanding focused concentration, which can help men to develop greater mind- body awareness and automatic muscular control.


Unlike yoga and gymnastics that demand extensive twisting and stretching of the body in static poses, Pilates operates at a more functional level, which is more appealing for men. The focus is on increasing mobility and range of movement in order to perform everyday tasks with ease.


The increased muscle mass in men can mean that they are less flexible than women. Typically men are tight in the neck and shoulders, hamstrings and hips. Pilates stretching helps to gradually and safely lengthen tight muscles, reducing the risk of injury.

Bonus in the Bedroom

If the above benefits do not offer enough of an incentive for your partner to do Pilates, then perhaps improved pelvic stability which delivers enhanced control for a better sex life might just sway things.

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