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Connecting with the Four Elements: AIR

Abundant Life-Giving Energy

After yet another busy day and a restless night, my body is feeling stressed and tired. I woke up to the sound of birds and the sun streaming through my window, which inspired me to go for an early morning walk with the dogs.

As soon as I felt the warm sun and the soft breeze on my skin, I felt lighter, calmer and more relaxed. I could feel the natural rhythm of my breath, like a comforting song, inhaling and exhaling with every step, nourishing my soul with gentle kindness. In Yoga practice, breath is called ‘Prana’, which means the universal life-giving energy.

As I strolled across the empty open field in the quiet morning sunshine, I noticed the dandelion seed heads floating in mid-air making their way to a new destination, supported in the palm of the air. I imagined myself as one of those seed heads, allowing myself to be swept along. Allowing myself to let go of all worries and intentions and simply be a willing spirit, ready to go wherever the breeze takes me.

How strange, that we take for granted the air all around us, available in constant abundance and yet so essential to our very existence. Like an old loyal friend, re-connecting with the air and our breath, can help us bring our mind and body back into balance and break the cycle of negativity. Through our connection with the air around us, we can tap into our positive energy and in turn, attract more positive energy towards us.

From the moment of our birth when we take that vital first breath, to the moment of our death, when we take our last, we have access to this abundant life-force energy that sustains us, propels us, heals us and rejuvenates us.

The experience of letting go and feeling the power of the airs life-giving energy within me, left me with a profound sense of gratitude. I whispered a quiet thank-you to the breeze for its reminder of its constancy and loyalty, and I promised not to leave it so long next time to pay it another visit.

Photo Credit: Aleksandr Ledogorov

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