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Will Pilates Help Me to Lose Weight?

The recipe for successful weight loss is simple. If you expend more energy through exercise than you consume through calories in your diet, then you will lose weight.

When it comes to exercise however, not all types of exercise are created equal. The type of exercise you choose, in combination with a healthy diet, will determine the speed and rate of weight loss you experience.

For example, cardio-based exercises such as running and cycling, or heavy weight lifting and circuit training, will typically burn a higher number of calories than exercises such as Pilates or Yoga.

However, integrating Pilates as part of a holistic program of exercise can help towards your weight loss goals in a number of ways.

Pilates has a strong focus on increasing core strength and stability through the lower abdominals, pelvis and shoulder girdle, to improve muscular strength, endurance, reduce risk of injury and give you a lean waist and nice flat tummy!

In addition, Pilates is extremely good at increasing muscle and joint flexibility and mobility. It is because of its strong focus in these areas, that many sportsmen and dancers integrate Pilates into their training programmes to enhance their performance.

For those new to exercise or those with mobility and flexibility challenges, Pilates is a great place to start. It teaches you how to develop good posture and engage and connect with your muscles to increase your mind-body awareness. Pilates is executed with absolute precision and muscular control that demands high-levels of concentration and it therefore provides a strong foundation for other types of challenging weight-lifting or endurance-type exercises.

The benefits and results of doing Pilates have been proven and so it’s definitely worthwhile incorporating Pilates into your overall exercise programme.

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